Calculus AB and BC are two of the most popular courses for Chinese students who apply for the American college entrance examination. Students are required to have a good foundation in mathematics. It is recommended that students who are in high school or high school or have learned preparatory Calculus learn to study Calculus.

To get 5 points, is not an easy thing!

There’s more to life than just limbo and AP calculus

Many students will have this question, which test is more advantageous? Suggest mathematics foundation is better, or the university will choose the student of science and engineering direction, can choose BC. Every year, more students choose to register for BC than AB.

AP calculus BC is harder than AB, BC contains all AB test sites, in addition the BC contains more knowledge than the AB, such as parametric equation and polar coordinates, sequence and series, applications need to show the admissions committee has strong levels of mathematical learning potential, then the calculus BC grade can be used as proof of that, the BC for full marks five points, AB grade for 5 minutes.