Learn Calculus. Make a Friend.

We Are Transforming Math Education
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The Problem We are Trying to Solve

“Textbook is hard to understand!”

 “Under Covid-19, I feel lonely and  isolated on Zoom. I miss my friends.”


Why collaborative?

By creating Collaborative Calculus we hope to improve the efficacy and attractiveness of Calculus pedagogy. We hope this improved efficacy and user delight will lead to an increase in the overall interest in Calculus specifically and in STEM careers generally.

Carlos Obando

Why choose 345π?

The project team is currently focused on User Discovery to develop our product, our value proposition and our business model. Significant research and development needs to be done and this is the current focus of the 345pi team. We are using a variety of resources including the Seattle University College of Engineering project and our affiliations with Harvard and Stanford.